Yoga Core Balance Trainer Half Ball With Resistant Band

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If you are looking for a feel-good, get-fit, no-regrets training tool that transcends any piece of fitness equipment, buy this Half Exercise Ball /Kids Exercise Ball immediately, it offers you 34 methods of balance ball exercises, which help you burn your whole body's calories in the comfort of your own home. Also you can carry it ourdoor in your garden to do cardio workouts, breathing the fresh atmosphere and enjoying the comfortable sunshine.

Situable for all ages: The adults can use the dome side of Balance Ball Trainer do aerobic exercises and athletic drills, building strength and fine tuning skills for sport. The kids and old man can use the other side train their balance and flexibility.

Material: PVC+PP (Lide2fit is committed to the use of renewable resources, recycling and the elimination of toxins which may damage our environment.)


Diameter of the Ball: 22.83 Inch

Height of the Ball: 8.6 Inch (After the balance ball is inflated, it is recommended that the height of the sphere should not exceed 22 cm.)

Ball Weight: 15.4 lb

Weight Capacity: 660lbs

Accessories: Comes with two detachable resistance bands (only grey color), one air foot pump and two airlocks